The American Calgarian

Tales of a Midwesterner transplanted in Western Canada

About the American Calgarian

I am the happily married mother of three kids, “Jaybird” (or “Girl”), 11 yrs old, and two boys – “Mid”, 9 yrs old and “Apprentice”, 7 yrs old.  I have been married for 17 years to JB, quite possibly the greatest man on Earth.  I have a MBA and, until recently, a demanding corporate job.  Anyone that has ever worked with me knows of my love for flowcharts and spreadsheets.  They also know that the best way to motivate me to do something is to tell me it can’t be done.  You see, impossible is not a definite in my book, it’s a dare.

I love politics and will talk about politics with about anyone.  I have a tendency to curse like a drunken sailor.  You have been warned.

I run marathons for charity and to maintain my sanity.  I will try almost any sport because I love to compete.  Bust most of all, I hate to sit still.

I am a lover of coffee, Weiss beer and fruit.  This is my story.  Or my family’s story, it just depends on the day.  Names have been changed or are rarely used to protect the innocent.  Or the guilty.  I’m not here to judge.

Thanks for reading.  Please send feedback or notes, unless they are judgmental, hateful, or correct my grammar.  In that case, keep your opinions to yourself.

All the best,



9 thoughts on “About the American Calgarian

  1. Love it!

  2. Carrie Hoza on said:

    Okay … I missed the mark on the HUGE move!! So sad!! 😦 But I am sure this is not for forever and hopefully you will keep us posted when in town visiting!! I will be in Toronto over the weekend of November 18th and then again in August 2012 – forgive my lack of Canadian geography if you are nowhere near Toronto. I will have to brush up on it. Can’t wait to follow this new adventure of your’s!! 🙂

  3. Seth Pamperin on said:

    Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Can I correct your grammer if it’s in spread sheet format?

  5. Love it! Glad to see you blogging. I love Calgary and Milwaukee misses you.

  6. I’m looking forward to great content (no pressure).

  7. Hiya, I enjoyed your post about Getting Physical! Keep it up (the post, I mean … oh, and the Getting Physical too, if you want) …. !!

  8. Erika: Nice to meet you. It looks like we have a lot in common, although I’ve run only 1 half-marathon (that was enough) and I’ve not yet tried Weiss beer (but will). At your request, however, I will keep my red pen tendencies to myself. 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. Hope to see you around again.

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