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News from the Treadmill

With the windchill bringing the temperature to -35C today, I decided to take my run indoors. Initially planning a follow-up to the snark I posted Friday, I looked around a bit while running.

Alas, no snark today. Just a really nice run on the ‘mill. It was Adorable Grandmother Day, apparently, as I witnessed several women over the age of 60 on the ellipticals, walking the track, on and off of treadmills. Right on! And take note, single men over 60, these women had it going ON. I bet they are super fun to hang out with.

A huge “thank you” to the man doing squats in front of me. Yeah, you with the colorful, detailed, inked-up arms. Looking at your tattoos, trying the decipher each one’s meaning kept me entertained on and off during the almost-45 minute run.

Here’s hoping for cleared sidewalks and warmer temperatures!


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3 thoughts on “News from the Treadmill

  1. blogginglily on said:

    you had snark???

  2. Excellent as not all runs have snark on the treadmill. Gotta enjoy the sights

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