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Brave on the Court

So I recently went on a little rant about Apprentice’s desire to play hockey.  I would have mentioned the other two kids, except we are (apparently) not the house where one can say, “those kids are so good at ____”.  My kids have all picked activities they enjoy and none are the same.  Lucky me.

Mid likes basketball.  He has been playing with the community league for a little over a month, with JB as one of his coaches.  He does not know any of the boys on his team, so it has been a great experience for him to make some new friends.  This is also where I remind him that this “builds character”.  His team started out strong, winning the first game.  This was followed by a buzzer beater loss and then a tough game where they were simply outmatched.  Such is life.

Also, as happens in the land of basketball, he jammed a finger.  When watching the warm-ups, I assumed that he was screwing around when I saw him shaking his hand and making weird faces.  Spectators, (Jaybird, Apprentice and I), were seated on the opposite side of the gym and therefore out of earshot.  The game started and he had the ball.  He was grimacing every time his left hand touched the ball.  Not good for a point guard.  When the ball was out of play for a moment, Mid turned to his coaches, though mainly his dad, with tears forming in his eyes, and asked to be taken out of the game.  His finger was hurting.  He went to the bench and plunged his left index finger into the ice water of his water bottle.  He sat on the bench the rest of the game.  Afterward I took a look at his fingers.  I anticipated that there may have been an exaggeration of the injury, but I was wrong.  His left index finger was twice the size of his right.  Ouch.

On the way home we tried to cheer him with tales of pro basketball players that have jammed their fingers.  We talked of our own jammed fingers when we played basketball back in the day.  (JB had more stories of this than me, so I may have embellished mine a bit.)  Over the next week, we iced, taped, and had him wear a brace-thing on his finger.  He seemed to enjoy the attention at school.  It appears that the little pep talk worked a little too well.  He may forever tape his fingers together while playing ball.  Double-header coming this weekend, so I just hope that he continues to heal.

He states that he’s not sure what his favorite thing about basketball, that it is just fun. I like that it is inside a gymnasium where I always know the weather will be hospitable.

This is not to say that he has forgotten about the rock climbing, he has asked to start that up again soon as well.


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One thought on “Brave on the Court

  1. stupid finger jams. HURT SO MUCH!

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