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I haven’t written anything in a while.  Its been your basic, run-of-the-mill start to the fall around here.  Kids are settling into school, volunteer schedules are coming out, the leaves are turning, fall sports are gearing up..  Not much to report.  I’ve been feeling a little “something is missing” lately.  A few ideas..

  • I am not signed up for a fall race.  A big “Thank you” to all the sites that have suggested some fall races, but my training has been lacking.  While I had sights set on an October half marathon, it was just not meant to be this year.
  • Its been a year since we moved.  Almost nothing is “new” anymore.  I couldn’t even tell you what we were doing a year ago at this time.  The kids stopped school in Wisconsin, we had a party, packed our house and got on a plane.  Those two weeks (maybe three) were such a blur that I must have slept walked through it all.  Honestly, I just looked through FB posts from a year ago and nothing.. just nothing..
  • Calgary does not smell like football in the fall.  You know, like the fresh-cut grass of the football field as fall sports start-up?  Echoes of marching bands and a nip in the air.. ah, football.  I almost missed the start of the NFL season because it just didn’t smell like football around here.  Worthy to note, and not surprising, it pretty much always smells like hockey.  Even when the NHL season is on hold.

So what is it?  I have not felt like writing.  I have had a few things come up that I started writing about, but the post seemed “meh” and didn’t develop into anything so I just left it.  So how to beat this restlessness, this “blah-ness”?

I got a job.  Its part-time and working in a totally different area than I ever have before and I am totally stoked.  A new adventure awaits!  Hint – think Chris Farley’s lunch lady.

I have been steadily cleaning out our old stuff.  There is something really therapeutic about going through closets and boxes, deciding whether you actually need each item and then letting go.  I have sold some things and donated others.  I find it amazing that some of it even made it to Calgary with us.  Not that it is contraband or anything, it’s just that some of it had been sitting in our garage for so long, waiting for some specific use, that I forgot we had it.  (Also, does anyone need a swing to attach to their backyard play system?  Or a diaper genie?)

We started going to church again.  I don’t want to get on a big religious rant here, but I really like attending church.  I like the quiet reflection and freedom to think about happenings of the past week.  What went well, what I would have like to have done better, and planning for how to live a grateful life going forward.

Here’s to shedding my “blah-ness” along with winter coats that don’t fit anyone in the house.  Here’s to new beginnings in a new career and uncluttered closets.


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6 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Heather on said:

    Sloppy Joe- Sloppy Sloppy Joe~~~

  2. It’s very Fall-y here. This is the big color change week. But you probably already had snow there. I know Billings, MT is supposed to get snow this week and you’re further north than they are. I’m going to make homemade apple sauce this week I think.

  3. Laurie on said:

    Bravo to you for writing about Blahness…we all experience..its ok to have some downtime in life..helps us to really enjoy the best ..the simple pleasures

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