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Fall Farewells

Or, New Beginnings

Or, How did I get this OLD?

This post is inspired by my friend Heather, who shared a touching picture of her husband and daughter embracing as they saw her off to college.  It was move in time for college kids everywhere recently.  My FB feed was full of friends wishing their kids well at a variety of universities and as they enter admirable service to our country in the armed services.  It was this feed about kids going off to start their own lives and the sermon in church about vocation that has made me tear up off and on during the last week.

During one of these little teary sessions Jaybird was contemplating hanging out at Callaway Park with her father for the day.  Normally I would require this to be a family event, but not today.  I told her to just get ready to go ride a roller coaster with her father, for crying out loud, because this will be a picture of the two of them embracing soon enough and I can’t stand how is fast the time going.  She gave me the “Momma is SO crazy” look and took off with her dad.

I stayed home so I got the boys and their friends.  It was a beautiful sunny day so I had but one requirement for their play dates.  Nothing electronic.  No video games, iPads, DS players, TV.  We went to the park nearby (thankfully) to play for a while.  I was reflecting on all the college moving pictures and writing this post about how difficult it can be to let go in said park when I saw a father teaching his son to ride a two-wheel bike.  It struck me.. is moving a kid into college and teaching them to ride a bike kind of the same thing?  And yes, I see the hypocrisy of me writing the blogpost on my iPad in the park while they fulfilled their requirement of “No Electronics.”  I am Mom, the Boss.  Such rules do not necessarily apply to me.  Don’t judge.  But I digress.

We show them how to live independently, pedal a bicycle.  We let go little by little.  We cheer them.  They fall.  We encourage them to try again (or flat-out require it, but whatever).  We assure them that all the hard work will be worth the reward.  For young adults, it is a productive life in their chosen vocation.  For kids on bikes, it’s the freedom to go to their friend’s house on their own power.

I sent my kids back to school last week and we have returned to some sort of comforting school year routine.  I tried to kiss Mid goodbye on the first day of school but he wouldn’t allow it without a serious bribe, (which I did not pay).  Well played, but I can assure everyone that there will be times when I will kiss him in front of all his friends.  And as they start their school year, I am doing the same thing I have done every fall since they started kindergarten.  I cheered a little, cried a little and prayed (keep praying) that they will have a successful school year.  Letting go little by little every year.


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4 thoughts on “Fall Farewells

  1. It is very much like that. Except now, if she goes the wrong way or falls and gets hurt, I can’t be there to help make it better. I can only pray that we’ve taught her how to pick herself up, get back on course and keep on pedalling.

  2. Love this Bergs… this fall was a bit harder than the others knowing that their next stop is college. Good luck to all of us in the years ahead 🙂

  3. just wait….

  4. Thanks, all. I get more emotional each year.

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