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Meanwhile in the Minivan…

I find it interesting to just listen when driving my kids about town.  With three of them involved in different activities, there is ample opportunity.  Also, none of them sit in the front seat yet.  They are back there, in the minivan, (aka Mom-mobile), and at times seem to forget that I am in the car.  On the way home from the first day of school there was much to listen to.  I did not speak, though I was spoken to a little.  Below is a snapshot of our drive home.

I didn’t get the teacher I wanted, but I really like the teachers I have.  They are both really nice.  *Apprentice has two teachers that job share.

Girls chased me at lunch.  The same girls from last year.  I told my friends I didn’t like it, but it was kinda fun.

I only have one of my old friends in my class.  I made a new friend, though.

Mom, can we talk about the “no electronics on school days except for homework” rule?  I am not in favor, by the way.

The new Vice Principal isn’t as strict as the other one.

I can bring PB&J to school for lunch!

Can I get Minecraft?

I need to go over my times tables for ten minutes everyday.  My teacher says so.  Mom, what’s a times table?

Did you get all the laundry done, Mom?

I bet Mom enjoyed all the peace and quiet today.  She probably didn’t even miss us.  *while I did like the house quiet today, I also missed them. a little.

I have mostly girls in my class.  Thank goodness that I have three friends with me!

Lunch Recess was the best part of the day.  Like, by far.

So there you have it.  My kids had a successful day at school and we are off!  Here’s to a great school year for all kids out there!  Oh, and I am working on “What I Did on Summer Vacation.”  Its coming, I swear.  Unless my imaginary dog gets hungry.


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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in the Minivan…

  1. I like the title.
    Your post reminds me of a Modern Family episode. In the episode, Phil buys a sports car. The next day he has to take the mini van because the materials he needs for a meeting will not fit in the sports car. Anyway, since he takes the minivan, he must pick up the children. Doing so, he overhears snippets of his children’s conversations with others and learns about them.
    Are you familiar with the show/episode?

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