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Lost in a Run.. Again

I dropped the kids at class on a beautiful afternoon.  I decided to treat myself to a nice run along the reservoir.  I had not been there much since spring and it is such a great trail to get lost in thought during your run.

The kids were at 14th St and the RRoom I was going to start/finish at was also on 14th St.  Kids north, RRoom south, but same street.. how easy, right?  No need to map it.  I know where I am going.  I drove off.  Only, 14th St doesn’t go all the way through south of city centre. Crap.  I drove around, trying to navigate the way over to the RRoom.  Problem was that while I knew my location, I just didn’t know how to get where I wanted to go (it happens a lot).  At least not by car.  I was passing streets and trails that I knew from running in the spring and was starting to get frustrated.  Time was a-wasting.

Determined not to let the afternoon get the best of me, I kept on. Everything was so familiar – the dog park, the Bow River trail weaving in and out of where I was driving.  How in the world do I get back over to 14th St?  I started to grow more and more impatient with being in the car on such a cloudless day. Then I stumbled upon an elementary school near the dog park.  I knew this school as a landmark from previous runs.  It’s a school that is built on top of a ridge, which always intrigued me.  Why would anyone build an elementary school playground on the side of a ridge?  And how do I get to that golf course down below?  I was close to RRoom, I could smell it.  But, with no clue as to how to get there unless on foot, I parked the car.  I mumbled a few expletives and decided to just run the trail to the RRoom and back.  It couldn’t be far.  I had planned to run the 6k route from the RRoom “to oscar” (a garbage can at a fork in the trail) and back.  It was a run I had done so many times, in the dark, in the snow, in rain, in daylight..  but I was not near that part of the trail.

Due to the fact that I had planned to park at RRoom and do a quickie 6k, I had not brought a water belt or much nutrition with me.  In fact, I didn’t have my garmin.  After assessing my new plan, I headed out with my ipod and timex.  The run was great.  I was not tracking pace, just thinking back to training.  Random thoughts I had during the run..

  • hey look! there’s Rose’s favorite outhouse.
  • Peter usually started talking about what he was making for dinner around this bridge during our long runs.  I wonder what he is cooking today?
  • AAHHH! A really fat robin!  (I almost stepped on it)
  • Jon’s daughter was playing competitive soccer for the first time this spring.. wonder how she did?
  • I need to message Michelle and Heather to see if they want to do a fall race.
  • AAHHH!! A bunny!  (I almost stepped on it)
  • When the hell am I going to be at the RRoom?  I have to pee something fierce and am sweating like crazy.

Upon arriving at RRoom, I was a sweaty mess with a glowing red tomato face.  Thankfully, it is a place that is accustomed to runners coming in like this to use their facilities and grab some water.  I did both and headed back out.  The parking lot where my car was located was further away that I had anticipated.  I thought so, anyway.  It was hard to tell without my garmin.  It occurred to me how touristy I am while running with other people.  No wonder Heather always took off; she is not a talker during runs and I never shut up.

At the end of the run I chugged down some water between inhaling the granola bar and dried apricots I had in the car.  I made a note to map the distance upon returning home.  It then occurred to me that I really didn’t know how to get back to where the kids were and the time was fast approaching for me to pick them up.  I would need to show up at the art studio smelly and sweaty.  Getting in the car, I cranked the air conditioning and tried to retrace my drive.  I arrived at the art studio just in time for the kids to walk out.  They looked at me in disbelief, (or disgust, I couldn’t really tell), and asked, “Mom, didn’t you do anything while we were at art?”


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2 thoughts on “Lost in a Run.. Again

  1. “Didn’t you do anything” LOL!!! Your kids are funny! Interested in doing the Dinosaur Valley Half in Drumheller in September or the Last Chance Half in November? I’m signed up but slowing down due to irregular running & extra bikeriding.

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