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Back on Track!

Or, the Art Classes that helped to get my training back on track and the vacation that threatens to ruin it…

I have noted previously that the kids and I have gotten into the habit of a bike/run. Each time has been a little more successful and I am really enjoying it. However, I have to begin training for the next race. It’s not a full marathon, but I need to start focusing my runs, (or at least some of them), so that I am ready to put into gear for 21.1k. Or, just keep up enough that I don’t injure myself when the hard-core stuff starts.

Last week I had an opportunity, as there was a free program put on by the city at our neighborhood park. All the kids could go and I was counting on them being there for at least a few hours so that I could get the usual glamorous errands, cleaning and laundry done and sneak in a couple of good runs. Problem was that it was hotter than Hades. The kids wilted after being outside for a while. There was also the problem that the games they were playing at this program were “lame” and “babyish” (their words, not mine). So last week was shot.

Enter this week. The kids are in an art class in the afternoons. Perfect! Running in the afternoon once again! The kids love the art classes, (huge win), and I enjoyed a run or two on my own. Thursday morning, however, the kids all looked at me and asked when we were going for a ride/run again. Also, could we do one after breakfast? I hate to say no to a productive activity, so after we were cleaned up from breakfast we headed out on our usual route. It was a beautiful morning, sun shining, nice breezes and not too hot. Truth be told, though, I was a dripping mess upon our return home so stepped in for a quick shower. My queue was Jaybird asking, rather dramatically, “what’s that smell?” when we got in the house. Turns out, it was me.

Anyway, this art class for the kids has been a godsend for me to get back into some regular training. Looming on the horizon, however, is our vacation to the Badger State, full of all its microbrews and crafted spirits and fried food and….

So, friends in the US, hear my plea. I am going to say things like, “I have to get a run in so need to stay hydrated” and “can’t stay out too late tonight, need to run in the morning” and post things like “anyone up for a run today?” Please be gentle. I will have only a few weeks to get ready for a half marathon upon returning home and keeping disciplined while on vacation may prove to be a huge challenge for me. Hell, staying focused during the summer is a challenge for me without a vacation thrown in the mix.

Thanks for your help. Now, who wants to meet for a beer? Or a run? Or both?


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4 thoughts on “Back on Track!

  1. I would love to grab a beer with you but a run… I don’t think I could keep up with you! Good luck staying focused and disciplined on your vacation and keep fitting those runs in when you can.

  2. Mike D on said:

    you of course are welcome to join me for any training run you want when you are here! I’m running 6 days a week- taking Thurs am off. Nearly always in the morning from 6-7:30a (time slot, not the full 90 min every day!). Call, email or text if you want to join me!!

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