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Toy Story, low budget version

Once there were Leapster games. These Leapster games were loved by three children. One day, one of the Leapsters went missing. Try as they could the family could not locate the lost game. Luckily, grandparents stepped in and bought a new Leapster for the child who had lost his. All was well.

Time passed, the children grew. Furniture needed to be replaced. When the couch was taken apart the missing Leapster game was found crammed in between two cushions. There was much rejoicing.

But what to do? There were three children, (and only two that really played with their Leapsters) and four Leapster games. It was decided (by consensus) that the Leapster would be given to a friend that would love it and play with it just as the original children had. They would include some of their games as well. The file names on the Leapster games had stayed on.. (Josie, Chris, Nick) The new boy, Mitch, did not pay much attention. He was busy playing with the new toy.

A year or two passed. The family moved to a new place and had sold or given away all the Leapsters and the games.

Meanwhile, Mitch studied at church. Every Sunday, when a child did good work, they were rewarded with a toy from the bin. The toys in the prize bin were mostly hand-me-down or low budget items. Mitch, however, saw a game in the bin that he had been eyeing in the store for awhile. What luck! He reached in, picked up the game and ran to his mom. He was so excited to get home and play the game on his Leapster.

When Mitch and his family returned home from church, he ran to his room to find his Leapster and put in the game. His mom wanted to take a look at it as well and watched as the game loaded up. Much to his mom’s surprise, the game loaded on the screen with three names, Josie, Chris and Nick. She squealed and laughed at the chances that this game had once belonged to the family that had originally given the Leapster to Mitch. Mitch asked her what was so funny about the whole thing, and she explained how this was an amusing, if not extraordinary, coincidence. Mitch replied, “But that’s how I thought ALL the games came!”

The Leapster and the game were reunited. They were happy to have a boy like Mitch to play with and take care of them. There was much rejoicing.


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2 thoughts on “Toy Story, low budget version

  1. This is so great!

  2. The best part is that I did not have to embellish it at all..

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