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Get it together, woman!

I am having a bad week.  You know, not like a terrifyingly tragic life threatening week, but I just can’t seem to get my poop in a group, (as one Jess would say).

Monday was Tax Day, so naturally Sunday evening and Monday were a bit stressful.  I also had sore legs on Monday, (thankful for rest days when training), due to a run in  the Saturday AM, Soccer Coaches Clinic Saturday afternoon (who would’ve thought they would have the coaches running like MLS players for 3 hours?) and wrapping with a 29k run on Sunday morning.  I am tired again just typing it.  The usual laundry I do on Monday did not get quite done.

Then Tuesday came along and I had the opportunity to do some work in Apprentices’ class.  It is always fun to help out at school, but I gotta tell ya, it throws off my whole week’s rhythm.  So the laundry that was waiting from Monday did not quite get finished, and the cleaning that I usually do on Tuesday also did not 100% completed.  I know, at this point you are all “screw you, these are not problems”, but stay with me here.  Contributing to a perfect storm of scheduling difficulties, JB had a work thing into the evening on Tuesday (11pm, but who notices?) which meant that I was not able to meet my running buddies for the usual Tuesday evening run.  No problem, I thought, I will just run during the day on Tuesday.  As noted above, Tuesday was not the productive day I had hoped for, plus it poured all day, so the run did not happen.  Runners, you know how missing a workout totally screws with your head.  But I digress.

Wednesday I flirted once again with entering the professional world and interviewed for a job.  Still on the fence about that.  However, having to be all presentable threw me off yet again and I failed to get another run in on Wednesday.  So there I was, waiting for the kids to come out of school on Wednesday, having not run in 3 days, but totally ready for Girl’s soccer practice.  I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  As I relived the last few days in my head on Wednesday, I decided that I do not like being the fly, much prefer being the windshield.  So there.  After Modern Family and a Vodka Cranberry, I went to bed, determined that I would be the windshield on Thursday and get my shit together.

So today I come to you a satisfied woman.  I finished all the crap I started on Monday and Tuesday around the house.  I ran.  OMG, I ran.  For those of you that do not run, it is really tough to explain how running makes you feel.  It was a great run on a cool, cloudy day.  I had a nice steady pace for a 10k run around the neighborhood and simply felt GREAT afterward.  I had shaken this “meh” that had been plaguing me in the beginning of the week.

My point, and I do have one, is that when I feel like I have to get it together, I run.  Some may say that I am running away from all that I am responsible for.  I would argue, (successfully, I may add), that running helps me to focus.  While on my run today I mentally prepared the rotations for the girls in their first soccer game.  I (mentally) arranged dinner preparations for the rest of the week.  I (mentally) wrote this post.  Running clears my head, helps me to get things in order.  There are bumper stickers and such that say sweat is your fat cells crying.  For me, it is stress leaving my body, defeated.

My advice to anyone that is willing to listen, is when you are stressed, feel the need to just “get it together”, go for a walk.  Go run.  Get out there!


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5 thoughts on “Get it together, woman!

  1. Agree!! Glad you got your poop in a group.

  2. blogginglily on said:

    Running makes my fat bounce uncomfortably, so I don’t do it anymore.

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