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Thankfulness, Taxes and Coaching

I try to post something each week mentioning things, people, places, whatever, for which I am thankful.  Sometimes they are a bit goofy, sometimes more meaningful, but in any case, I am constantly thinking about how to show gratitude and what I will write about on Sunday.  During a run Sunday morning, I “wrote” this post in my head.  I had fully intended to post it Sunday evening.  However, its Tax Day in Canada so we were swept up in the romance of filing our taxes.  You have no idea the party that is our house.  *eyeroll*

In any case, this week I am thankful for 13 people, 12 of whom have recently entered my life along with their families.

It started with the email.  “There has not been a coach placed for your daughter’s soccer team as of yet.  Please consider volunteering for this important role.”  I thought about it.  After all, I have taught Sunday School, led teams (of adults with no other option) to successful projects and I’m reasonably athletic.. why not?  Good question.  Why not?  Well, to start with, I have never played soccer and don’t know the rules, (don’t tell anyone.)  Why should I?  Because its my daughters team, dammit, and I love sports.  I volunteered.  When the email came from the league welcoming me as a coach, I started to panic.  What the hell was I doing?  I had not a clue how to run drills, prepare these kids for games and all that.  And these are kids, for petessake, and I don’t want to mess up anyone else’s child.  What to do?  I went to the all-knowing social media outlet of Facebook.  I put out a plea to three people who have coached my kids at one point or another.  Dan, Kyle and Paul are outstanding coaches, fathers and people in general and I was confident they would point me in a positive direction.  After the smartypants comments to bring flasks, stock my cooler etc, (I don’t.. yet), pointers were shared along with a healthy dose of encouragement.  I started planning the first practice.  Luckily another parent has volunteered to coach with me.  He is a quieter guy and since I am a bit of a yeller we balance each other out pretty well.

So into my life came these 12 girls, (can’t really count my own daughter), their families and expectations for fun on the soccer field.  I was nervous for the first practice.  What would the parents think?  Would the girls respect me?  Would they be experienced on the field?  Will they be nice?  So far I am pleased to report that the parents are highly supportive, the girls seem to be responding to me during practice, some are experienced soccer players, some not (it’s a rec community league), and they are NICE.  Like, really good kids.  They have so much energy!  And, as one would expect, they get giggly.

A few practices later, things are running along rather well, I think. More to come definitely, but I am thankful that I have these 13 girls in my life.  I am thankful that their parents have yet to cry out for a new coach and trust that I will be a good influence on their daughter.

Cheers to good influences! Cheers to Girls in Sports!


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