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The Right Honourable…

The Right Honourable Prime Minister of the House.  My new job title.  Okay, much too formal, I am going to go with PMOH, because I rather like how it kind of goes with POTUS.  Elevated sense of self?  Perhaps. But that’s not important now.

As my former career was in Human Resources, I have the need to classify things, give people and functions titles, put them in a nice, alphabetized spreadsheet.  So I have been working on many different ways to describe my new job.

The options –

  • Stay at Home Mom.  This is the safe choice I guess.  But SAHM does not seem to fit, as I am not really at home all that much.  I am out running, volunteering, grocery shopping, whatever..
  • Chauffeur.  Also, a good choice.  I seem to shuffle people around the city quite a bit.  However, my job is so much more than that.  And besides, I drive a minivan, not a Bentley.
  • Homemaker. Hmm..  I am thinking that although I am the chief homemaker, a family really makes a home.  So this title should really be shared five ways, as we each have a responsibility to make our home a loving, accepting and positive environment.
  • Chief Bottle Washer.  Nah.  None of the kids drink out of bottles anymore and the bottles JB and I drink out of get recycled, not washed.
  • Chef.  Too skilled.  Although I am enjoying trying new recipes and all that, really not qualified to call myself “chef”.  Also, too specific.
  • Queen. Too formal.  Anyone that knows me is aware that my behavior is not befitting of a queen.
  • Primary Caregiver.  Again, too skilled.  This brings images of nurses and teachers at day cares, you know, skilled people when it comes to knowing what to do to care for people at all times.
  • Mama Grizzly.  Too Sarah Palin.  Strike it from the record.  Immediately.  *shudder*
  • Prime Minister.  This is ultimately what I settle on.  Why?  I give several “press conferences” per day about expectations for behavior and budgets to my constituents, (aka kids and JB).  I negotiate peace treaties every single day, much to my exhaustion. Building consensus is a huge challenge in this position.  I direct activities of the house and its members.

My first order of business is address the dress code.  No more business suits.

Now, if you will excuse me, my schedule indicates that I am due for a run. PMOH out.


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8 thoughts on “The Right Honourable…

  1. JB doesn’t read this blog does he?

  2. Prime Minister of the House – I like this! 🙂

  3. Laura on said:

    You make me smile.

  4. Laurie on said:

    The title is “Mother”

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