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Rounding Up

I had a 8k run to do today. I have had a regular route that I have been doing in the neighborhood and decided that today I would try a different route. Pretty crazy, right? Its just how I roll.

The training program with the Running Room has made me more confident in my running. I am running faster, further and with less soreness. In short, I really like this group and program. Its a bit of a change, with 5 runs per week instead of 4, and their are three cycles to the training, instead of one build-up and taper. There is alot of technical stuff that goes along with it, which is explained at our weekly clinics and while I understand the information as it is explained by our highly knowledgeabnle and entertaining coaches, I can’t explain it. So, in short, I do what I am told.

Anyway, back to today’s run. I mapped up a new 8 kilometer route, mostly on trails. Not to interupt myself, but I need to note (for my Dad) that the trails are paved, clear and in populated areas, so no need to send pepper spray or whatever. I was safe, Dad. So, the run. Brilliantly mapped through my neighborhood, over a bridge and into the next neighborhood and back. I was psyched. The weather was perfect, about 0C to 5C and mostly sunny. A little windy, but not bad. I dressed and headed out after looking at the route one more time.

Heading out the door, my Garmin found a satellite and I was off. My feet felt light and I glided over the ground, excited for this new route. I had noted in a previous post how I love running through the neighborhood. You get such a great feel for a community when you run outside.. but I digress. I came upon the trail I was expecting near the highway. There was an older gentleman out for his morning walk. We exchanged smiles and “good mornings.” And then I missed it. There was a turn in the trail, a fork in the road, if you will, where I was supposed to turn right on to another trail. I went left. I did not realize this until I was 200 meters or so past it. Due to my new found confidence, or just the fact that I knew where I was, I kept going. I figured that I would just do the route in the reverse of how I had mapped it out. This would be my second mistake.

I ran on the trail into the next neighborhood and turned into the labryinth of the subdivision. I figured that we had walked this trail with the kids once and I should be able to find the trail to lead me back over the pedestiran bridge and back home. Did I mention the neighborhood was a labyrinth? I stopped, furstrated that I could envision the trail and the street where the entrance was, but could not find it. I was also sweating like crazy and my legs were strating to tire. I started walking and thought I saw the street, though its up a steep hill. Dammit. After walking the hill, I discover that I have not a clue where I am (kind of) and that I am 6 kilometers into this run. Continuing in the direction that I am sure may be the trail, I curse myself for trying a new route. Why rework something that is not broken? Why do I suddently think that I am this “runner” person? What was I thinking? My dad would be so pissed at me right now for being lost without a phone or a map or twine. (The twine is not related to running, but he always has it with him, because you just never know.)

Ten friggin kilomenters into my 8k run, I finally turn for home. Knowing that I am only a couple of kilometers from home, my pace quickens. When uploading my garmin later in the evening, I can’t help but wonder what people that live in the neighborhood must have thought. The course I ran looks something like a schizophrenic line around town. And like the crazy runner that I am, I will do the run again as I mapped it. Eight kilometers only, though, thanks.


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One thought on “Rounding Up

  1. LOL! “Why do I suddently think that I am this “runner” person? What was I thinking?” Yep, I wonder that sometimes myself. We are all a little crazy but hopefully healthier for it.

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