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Nightmares and Thankfulness

The kids were tucked into bed.  I had completed the evening’s group run, taken a shower and was getting a snack before talking with JB about the day and upcoming weekend.  Then, he appeared.  The Apprentice was standing on the steps, half asleep and visibly shaken.

“What’s up, buddy?” JB asked.

“I can’t sleep.  I want Mom,” he replied.

“I’m right here.  What’s going on?” I entered the conversation.  He lumbered over, rubbing his big brown eyes.  I got on my knees so that I could give him a bear hug.  “Are you Okay?”

“I had a nightmare.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No.  I want to snuggle.”

JB and I shared a look.  Of course, this means that our conversation about upcoming plans and the day that was will be put on hold.  I walk upstairs with the Apprentice and we crawl into my bed.  I tell him that when I have a bad dream, I will try to think happy thoughts until I fall back to sleep.  He nodded.

Then I started reciting happy things.  Playing with Sadie and Dakota, my Sister-in-Law’s dogs.  Going to the Houston Space Center.  Waterslides.  Skiing in Banff.  The upcoming visit of Grandma and Opa.

He shushed me.  “Are you OKay?” I asked.

“Yes. I am tired.”

“Can you think of a happy thing?” I ask.

“God is always with us,” he replied.  I smiled and agreed.  Yeah! for Catholic eduction in the absence of a new church community!

“God IS always with you, and He loves you very much.” And with that, Apprentice drifted off to sleep.

So what to be thankful for this Easter?  No list this week, just the knowledge that God is always with you.  And He loves you very much.

God Bless Everyone.  No Exceptions.


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2 thoughts on “Nightmares and Thankfulness

  1. kristen on said:

    nicely said. Thanks.

  2. Laura on said:

    God Bless all of you, too. HE is always with us.

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