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4.1.2012 – No kidding!

Thankfulness on April Fools’ Day..

I was terribly annoyed that JB left his cell phone at home one day this week. The damn thing went off with every friggin’ email and phone call and text and meeting scheduled, as it is a work issued phone. Then it occurred to me that I should be thankful to be annoyed by this beeping, vibrating thing on the kitchen desk because it demonstrates that one of us is gainfully employed and able to provide for our family.

Our friend Sue made my day on Thursday. She is a leader with the Guides group with which Girl is involved. Girl made a little presentation to earn a badge and Sue had asked her what she likes best about living in Calgary. Girl told her it is that I am around more, since I don’t work outside the home anymore. She loves it that I am able to pick them up at school each day, come on field trips and that I am generally less agitated. Sue shared this conversation with me and it made me smile. As I noted in a post last week, I am a recovering corporate person. It lifted my spirits to hear that the kids really do like it that I am around more. Also, I am apparently not as bitchy.

JB and I are learning Italian. I am thankful for the program at our kids’ school that has classes for parents to learn Italian and the teachers that spend one evening per week with a bunch of bumbling English-speaking folks trying to learn a new language. The teachers are terrific and we had a great wrap-up pot luck dinner this week. During the evening, one of the parents sang a few opera pieces for us and I am also thankful for, and in awe of, her talent. It was a great night!

“What is it about coffee that makes you feel human again?”, said a woman in my running group as we gathered outside for coffee and breakfast after our run today. So two things here, really. I love coffee. Also, I love having coffee outside in the sunshine.

Also, another woman in the group made my morning. We are racking up the mileage for the next two months preparing for a race and everyone’s legs are starting to get a little sore. Anyway, as we were stretching after our run, talking about how we are feeling about training, how great the weather is today, etc, she said to me, “That looked easy for you. How are you feeling?” Let me tell you, I feel great now! The truth is, I enjoy the company of our running group and the pace is just right. Not too slow, not too fast, and I do feel good after a long Sunday morning run.

Here’s to Spring!


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2 thoughts on “4.1.2012 – No kidding!

  1. kbedalov on said:

    If people would have just known you in college they would NEVER think that you were bitchy….just a lush 🙂

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