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Six Months

Its been six months since I packed my office in Wisconsin and said “Farewell” to many coworkers and friends.

Six months.  I have started and stopped writing about this “career change” several times.  Each time, I tear up and have to stop.

I have always identified myself as a professional person.  Of course, mother and wife as well, but also my own person, with accomplishments uniquely my own, outside of the roles of mother and wife.  Leaving the corporate world was a biggie.  I was proud of the job I did, the people I worked with and the organization we worked for.  I knew that we were making a difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends and family through our work.

Six months ago I was relieved that the office was abuzz with activity as I closed my office door for the last time and waved goodbye.  It simply would have been too messy if (insert too many names here) were not on conference calls or out at meetings or interviewing new candidates when I slipped away.  I worked with some really good people, many of whom have kept in touch (thankfully).  Truth be told, I cried the whole drive home.  The whole drive, which I had learned how to navigate many ways in order to deal with rush hour traffic and keep my commute to about 45 minutes.  I hated that commute.

I have told many people starting new jobs that it takes about six months to gain confidence in what you are doing at your position.   So here I am, at six months into my new position as Prime Minister of the House, (that’s right, I changed my title from SAHM to PMOH, will post on that later), finally feeling confident in my abilities within the new role.  I am cooking and baking with reckless abandon and no one has become ill as a result.  All the preaching I used to do about nutrition and children is becoming easier to practice as I have more time to make meals for the family.  It is rewarding to see that my children are happy I am around more, (I wasn’t so sure they would be).

It has been six months since I wore a business suit for more than an interview.  While I have had a couple of interviews, nothing seemed to fit.  This new position suits me, funny enough, and I am enjoying all the “additional duties as assigned”.  I have become comfortable managing things on the home front that JB and I used to take turns managing.  With him conquering his new position, I have been able to conquer mine, which is all home-based.  A definite shift in our separation of labor.

I thought this would be a temp job.  But as any rewarding temp job goes, I think I am going to stick with it for a while.  As a woman I met recently in Houston said, with an amazing southern drawl, “the Good Lord puts your where He needs you when its appropriate.  Ya just gotta trust it girl, and do the best you can.”

Six months.  New opportunities may present themselves and I am setting some new goals.  For now, I am where I need to be.  I trust it.


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6 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Berger, I love you and that you are now a Prime Minister. Own it! 🙂

    P.s. your oldest son needs help organizing a spreadsheet to start tracking applications for college….got one archived somewhere?

  2. shannonkrause on said:

    I am so happy for you and all of your constituents! (That’s what they’d be right, if you’re prime minister?)

  3. blogginglily on said:

    So when’s JB posting your performance evaluation blog?

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