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March Madness!

This week’s bundle of thankfulness…

It’s that time of year, people.. basketball, basketball and more basketball.. only, I live in Canada.  Coverage of the NCAA tournament needs to compete with hockey, so this week, I am especially grateful for the fact that I get some US stations.  We have been able to watch the “big dance” just like the US, only without the benefit of hearing our neighbors cheering through open windows.

I love a good NCAA bracket pool.  My daughter and I filled out brackets for a little group; no money is involved, just for fun, glory and bragging rights.  It reminds us that there are other colleges out there and its fun to cheer for teams that you have to google to figure out where in the US they are located.

I wrote about how my children are a constant source of entertainment this week..  unfortunately, we did not catch a leprechaun this year, but I am pleased that my boys have decided that they will be working on their plans to be sure that little green man does not get by them next year.  Now, (I think), they know this is all poppycock, but it sure is fun to watch them try to solve a problem they know darn well there is no answer to..

We have new neighbors and the Apprentice has a new friend!  Also thankful for new friends..

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out later (thank you, daylight savings time), though the mountains are still getting snow dumped upon them.  This, my friends, is a win-win scenario.  I will be hitting the slopes in the very near future.  Can you see me smiling?


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One thought on “March Madness!

  1. blogginglily on said:

    I’m reminded of the Simpson’s episode where Homer found out that Lisa had a gift for picking the winning football team and he used her for gambling. Good father-daughter bonding.

    heh. . . poppycock

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