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Gratitude for..

I have a potpourri of things to be thankful for this weekend.  In no particular order..

Regarding the kids.. I was able to go on Mid’s field trip this week.. very fun.  I blogged about it in Field Trip!  Also, I volunteered in Apprentice’s class and got to know a few of the kids.  Nice children, to be sure.  And let me tell you, Grade 1 Math is WAY easier than Grade 5 Math.

Regarding my own activities.. In talking with some running friends during our 23k this week, I have some new goals to ponder. To which, thankfully, JB responded, “Well, I am not going to stop you.  Go ahead!”  Seriously, what a guy.

Vitamin C.  I was a little under the weather this week and I am thankful for Vitamin C.  I drank it in the form of orange juice, ate it in the form of fruits & veggies and took it in pill form.  Along with rest, I am back to my old snarky self.  woot!

My friend Jim made my day earlier this week as well when he forward a little blogger award to me.  I am thankful for his friendship and support in my new venture in the blogosphere.

Here’s to a great week!




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3 thoughts on “Gratitude for..

  1. I hope to join you in those big five plans in the next 9 years!

  2. Awww, I got a gratitude! WOOHOO! SUCKER!!!

    23K sounds so far. Why don’t you people just say 14.29 miles? Oh. . . wait, I think I just answered my own question.

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