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Weekly Gratitude – 2/5ish

This weekend I had the opportunity to give thanks while “off the grid”, so a day late on the post.  NOT late in thankfulness, though, as it was a great week.

1. I am grateful to be alive.  Time spent in the Canadian Rockies this weekend made me pause quite a bit to just be thankful to be alive on this great planet.  The views were breathtaking and forever implanted in my memory.

2. I am grateful to have opportunities to spend time with my children. Most recently, that meant a weekend with my daughter (and a group of girls as a chaperone) in the mountains.  The Girl and I made some great memories!

3. I am grateful for the chance to be a stay at home mom for a while.  I am getting better at this new job and happy that I have the freedom to explore new possibilities.

4. I am grateful for sports.  I love watching the NFL.  Even though I was surprised that they would hold the Super Bowl despite the Packers’ absence, I love the Super Bowl and had a great time watching the game, (and it was great game, was it not?)
5. I am grateful for new friends.  We have been welcomed into the lives of many new friends since our move and I am thankful for our developing relationships!

More to come on last weekend’s shenanigans.. but for now, have a great week!



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One thought on “Weekly Gratitude – 2/5ish

  1. We did NOT authorize new friends. . .

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