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Weekly Gratitude

I am little late with my “Five Things” post this week.  Its been a busy week and weekend, which has taken me away from the blog a bit.  In any case, reflecting on this week, I am thankful for the following..

1. The “Hand Me Down Recipe” Book from Aunt Carol.  It has kick-ass recipes in it handed down from JB’s family and has made me (almost) a rock star cook.  The meatloaf, kielbasa and Shepard’s pie are favorites around here.  Though I have Apple Molasses Muffins in the oven and they smell terrific and I am confident will be a winner as well.  Perhaps I should share some of the recipes?  hmmm…

2. Sunshine on My Shoulders.  It has been nice out this week, so I was able to do three training runs outside.  The temperature is perfect at just above freezing, so happy to be running outside!

3. Body Lotion.  To quote the Apprentice, “It takes the itchies away.”  The air is dry here, like a desert, and lotion is needed.  I don’t think I have to go into detail, do I?

4. Chia Seeds.  The are great in salads, smoothies, in yogurt, whatever, and give me some energy and much needed Omega 3s.  Pick some up, along with some flax seeds and add to your favorite foods.  They won’t affect the taste, but will add some great nutrition!

5. Bleach wipe disinfectant thingys.  This is cold season, so I am constantly cleaning stuff, trying to keep sniffles out of the house.  So far, we are going fine in this department, and no major colds.

Now, back to my Muffins and Shepherd’s Pie…


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude

  1. blogginglily on said:

    God. . . I just saw a commercial for Ch-Ch-Ch Chia Omega 3 oil. Leslie and I were laughing about it. . . who would BUY that crap?

    Oh. Oh, I see. Sorry.

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