The American Calgarian

Tales of a Midwesterner transplanted in Western Canada

A Tale of Three Bedrooms

It was the quietest of nights, it was the noisiest of nights..

8pm – “Everyone upstairs to get ready for bed!”  The parade upstairs begins.  The kids brush their teeth, put on their PJs and settle in for some reading.

8:30pm – “Lights out.”  JB and I return to the kitchen to talk about our days and plan for the next.

9:30pm – “I can’t sleep,” says the Girl, as she sleepily walks into the kitchen.  She cannot explain as to why she can’t sleep, she just can’t.  I tell her I am about to come up to read in bed anyway, so she can climb into bed with me.

10:30pm – I have read the paper and the State of the Union and get up to put away my iPad.  When I return, the Girl has gotten up to use the bathroom and wearily returns to JB’s side of the bed.

11:30pm – JB carries the Girl to her room and takes her place.  At least that’s what he told me, I was oblivious to this.

3:30am – Apprentice comes into our room, wakes me and informs me that high winds are keeping him from sleeping, (a Chinook is coming through).  I tell him he can just climb in with JB and I.  Of course, he takes me up on the offer and snuggles in.

5am – JB’s alarm goes off.  He gets ready to head out to the gym and work.  He asks why/when Apprentice made his way into our bed.  I inform him of the Chinook, etc, and he reports that Mid is not in his bed.  Assuming he will locate Mid prior to leaving the house, I nod off, lying perpendicular to the Apprentice.  Why is it that the bigger the bed, the less room I have?

6am – Much to the Apprentice’s chagrin, I get up.  I walk in to the boy’s room to find that Mid is in Apprentice’s bed.  The wind woke him as well.  When he came to my room to let me know he was scared and the wind had startled him so much so that he tore the sheets off his bed, he saw that everyone was sound asleep.  Therefore, he decided to take Apprentice’s bed so not to wake anyone.  Nice, right?

Why the musical sleeping arrangements?  I blame the Chinooks, with the rapid drop in air pressure, high winds and temperature change.  It’s like a full moon.  And, with all the activity overnight, it’s no wonder it takes a gallon of coffee every morning for me to feel human.


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One thought on “A Tale of Three Bedrooms

  1. blogginglily on said:

    Chinooks. . . heh. . . canadians.

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