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Five Things, Week Two

 It was so beautiful this morning I simply had to go walking and take some pictures.  And, after the bitter cold of the past week, -15C felt almost balmy!  This week, I am thankful for…

1. Heat.  It has been cold this week and I am thankful for the roof over my  head and the furnace that is heating it.  Not everyone can be thankful for this, so I encourage you to support your local homeless shelter, rescue mission, or whatever organization in your community helps those that are having a tough time.  Its dangerous out there for folks that do not have shelter.

2. The Peruvian people who made the Alpaca wool sweater my mom bought for me while hiking the Machu Picchu.  It is the warmest, softest, most comfortable sweater I have and I have been living in it all week.

3. The Principal at the school my kids attend.  Last week I mentioned the Vice-Principal, and this week a shout-out to the Principal.  It has been bloody cold around here this week, which means that the cross guards are not outside school before or after school.  In their place, the Principal has been outside before and after school every day, making sure that students get across the street and inside the school safely.  He has the kids line up for their buses inside, then runs between the buses and the gym announcing which bus has arrived, so these kids don’t have to wait outside.  He does many great things for the school; this is just one example of how he truly puts the kids first.

4. Video Games.  This is from Mid and I am afraid I have no explanation. *sigh*

5. My family.  This one is from my husband, to which the kids replied, “well, of course.  Everybody is thankful for THAT.” duh.  I am very thankful for my family.   Due to my new interest in baking, the kids are beginning to take an interest as well.  The Girl and Mid have both baked with me and today Apprentice has asked for a turn.  It is a nice mom-kid activity.

What are you thankful for this week?


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3 thoughts on “Five Things, Week Two

  1. Last week I had a bad week as far as exercise. I am thankful that we get a fresh start every week…a new beginning to refocus on our goals!

  2. blogginglily on said:

    I think I missed five things week one. Possibly I’m mistaken, but I’ve been missing your posts in my reader for some reason.

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