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Mom is Always Prepared

I had a nice phone conversation with a friend in the US and we were off! (yes, youngsters, you can still talk on your phone)

SO prepared.  The kids and I decided to celebrate the last weekday of their holiday break by doing some laps at the Y during open swim.  Okay, we didn’t do laps, we just played in the pool.  Our bags were packed (by Mom, of course) and we were ready for some fun.  It has been fun break for all of us and I was ready to congratulate myself on surviving my first holiday break as a Homemaker.  We arrived at the Y for swim and my boys explained they are old enough to go into the men’s locker room to change on their own. Huh?  No family locker room?  Split second decision to not fight this new independence.  They would meet my daughter and I by the pool.  With that, the Girl and I went into the women’s locker room and to get ready ourselves.

Something was missing,  In all my care to get lunch fed to the kids, a quiche made for dinner, kitchen cleaned, laundry done and their bags ready, I had forgotten to pack my own suit.  Drat.  I thought perhaps I could go commando, but it IS the Y, not Lake Chenequa and yadda yadda, so it was a fleeting thought.  My second thought was that I would just watch the kids swim from the side of the pool.  Yep, that’s the plan.  We went out to the pool.  The lifeguard saw the kids dressed appropriately and me, well, not, and informed us that the Apprentice would need to have an adult int the pool with him because of his age.  Darn it.

Apprentice was upset because he had his heart set on swimming.  So, what’s the “prepared” mom to do?  That’s right.  He and I sped off for home so I could get my suit, (the other two are old enough and strong enough swimmers to go in the pool on their own).  He looked every bit the cutting edge of fashion as he walked out to the car in his swim trunks, socks and boots, fleece and toque, (for my American friends, a toque is a hat).

For the record, it took us 24 minutes to get home, run in and get my suit and return to the Y.  It was worth it.  The four of us had a great time frolicking in the pool for over an hour.  The moral of this story?  I guess it’s true that you should put on your own mask before assisting others.  While I carry emergency supplies, snacks, swimsuits, or whatever for everyone else in my family, I sometimes forget to bring the bare essentials for myself.

If I made new years resolutions, which I don’t for many reasons, perhaps this should be one of them.  Always be prepared for the kids, family and especially myself.

I certainly hope that someone else finds a little humorous that this post is about being prepared and it took me almost a week to post it.  Like my swimsuit, better late than never, I suppose!


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One thought on “Mom is Always Prepared

  1. for my canadian friends, pain perdu is french toast.

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