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World Traveling Grandma Strikes Again

Those of you that read this blog and also know my mother are aware that she is a traveller.  Not a tourist, but a traveller.  She takes everything in, enjoys every moment and finds humor in some really strange circumstances.  She reads about the places she is going so to be aware of customs and respectful of the people guiding her.  She will talk with about anyone about just about anything.

I had no idea she would consider the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die a checklist.  Nor did I think that watching “The Amazing Race” would give her ideas about places that she simply must visit.  She has been on all seven continents at least once and every time she embarks on a new adventure we hear the same story.  “After this, I am done travelling.  I have seen everything that I would like to see.”  Inevitably during her trip she makes a new friend and gets a new idea about somewhere else.  By the time she is on her way home, she is starting to plan her next adventure.

Case in point, she and I traveled to China a couple of years ago.  The plane ride from Chicago to Beijing was brutally long and she talked about how this was the last long plane ride she could do because she was “getting too old”.  We had a great week exploring Beijing and Xian and as we had our last breakfast in China, she informed me that I need to pack my kids and get them to Europe before her and my dad get too old to travel with us.  JB and I joke that whenever she starts a conversation with “I’ve been thinking…” or “Say, I have an idea….” someone is going to be boarding a plane, train or boat in the near future.

She has become quite adept at seeking out a place where she can check email and send me a message of her whereabouts and how things are going.  Even somewhere in Zimbabwe she was able to find an internet cafe and shoot me an email about Victoria Falls.  I love getting these emails, not because they are tales of exploits from faraway countries, but because they are so brief and to the point.  Most recently I received this email..

Good morning, We arrived in Ecuador last pm.  Everything is going well.  Mom

The past emails have been just as concise.

Hope all is well with you and family.  We made it to Ireland without any problems.  Driving a straight stick on the wrong side of the street can drive you CRAZY.  This is great.  The castles are fabulous.    Love Mom

We are headed out on the boat tomorrow to Antarctica.  Very windy, waves up to 30 feet high.  I’m scared.  Love Mom

and my personal favorite from Jamaica..

Had a nice lunch with a Vince Neal person.  He is a singer in a band called “the Crue” or something?  Have you heard of him?  He’s quite nice.  Love Mom

Here’s to my awesome mom.  She continues to teach me about testing my comfort levels, exploring new places and making new friends.


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10 thoughts on “World Traveling Grandma Strikes Again

  1. I never thought you were paying any attention to my emails. I’m totally surprised you saved them over the years. Had I known, I would have written better/more interesting. I just thought they would be clues if my body turned up missing. Only 2 things left on the list: silverback gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda, and running with the bulls in Pamplona. Are you interested? Love, Mom
    PS I still think Vince Neal is a nice guy.

  2. Heather on said:

    I hope that you are saving every one of those emails- awesome!!!!!

  3. I want to adopt your Mom…I’ve said it from the first minute I heard you telling me the story of her flying over the Serengeti…

  4. Staci White on said:

    I LOVE your blog and this Rosie story just made me laugh out loud!!!

    Your old neighbor,
    Staci (Shuckamacher)

  5. Having traveled with your mom and been the recipient of her traveling emails, I can honestly say you are absolutely accurate in your description of her. She inspires me to travel more.

  6. blogginglily on said:

    i’ll BET he’s quite nice. . .

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