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Baking and New Traditions

“You know, they have those in the store already made,” is my usual comment about baked goods.  However, in the spirit of embracing my new role as Homemaker, I have decided to try new things, like baking for example.  Besides, the holiday season is upon us.  As the preparations for Christmas develop, my daughter has asked (a few times) about Christmas cookies.  This time she was armed with a book of recipes for kids and a plan, (it wasn’t a spreadsheet, but I cut her some slack, she’s 11).  Yikes.  Okay, I thought,  I can do this.  We started planning.

Types of cookies we wanted to make – Chocolate Orange Hearts, Lemon Cinnamon Stars, Shortbread, Lebkuchen, Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread.  She had additional recipes picked out but I vetoed those ideas, stating that we (I) may already be in over our (my) heads.  I added that my favorite from previous year is the Fruit and Nut Bark and White Chocolate Bark, so those had to go on the list as well.  Determined to share in the joy that is baking and manual labor, I told the Girl that she would need to go through the recipes we selected and write out the grocery list.  We also agreed that we would go shopping together.  Saturday came and we planned the ingredients and our shopping trip.  I reminded my daughter at least 100 (or thousand, but who’s counting?) that the stores were going to be very busy so we needed to be patient.  I stated this mantra over and over, like my own personal form of terets.  It was not for her benefit.  I was ready to crawl out of my skin.  For you see, along with being in the unfamiliar territory of the “baking supplies” aisle, the stores were packed.  The parking lots jammed, the aisles in the store full of people casually reading labels as if they were on the bestseller list.  “Wow, it sure is busy.  We need to be patient.  Everyone is going to have fun baking and getting ready for the holiday, right?”  I said it to her so many times that she started rolling her eyes as me; she knew I was full of it.

Anyway, we returned home with bags full of supplies.  My husband and sons looked at us quizzically.  What was all this stuff?  Where are the cookies?

Sunday, we suited up.  Football was on TV (our Green Bay Packers are still undefeated, thank you), I was properly caffeinated and we were on our way.

I discovered something about myself this weekend.  I think that I actually like to bake.  Eight types of cookies, with at least 18 of each kind is alot of baking for this neophyte domestic engineer.  It was fun to work with my daughter in the kitchen, trying all of our creations and triumphantly announcing the completion of each batch to my sons and husband .  I hope she had as much fun as I did.  She said she did, but then she knows that Santa is watching so I think that she will say about anything nice to ensure certain presents appear under the tree on Christmas morning.  In any case, I will take it.  Here’s hoping we have started a mom-daughter tradition.


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10 thoughts on “Baking and New Traditions

  1. Heather on said:

    That is great- I wish I was there to try a few:):) I love the pictures- esp. the different names for the ingredients:):)

  2. LOL Erika, I love reading your blog. It is like being back in college again. You just crack me up! FYI, no cookies here this year. You are a better woman than I am! Miss ya!

  3. I’ll be baking with my mom this Friday! It’s a great tradition and a lot of fun. Hope you continue the tradition!

  4. I’m so jealous!!! I thinking an apron and chef hat for the girl for Christmas would be a great idea!

  5. blogginglily on said:

    1) Where’s HER apron
    2) Wait. . . APRON?? Wth did you get an apron?
    3) Totally kicked out of the feminazi coffee club for that picture.
    4) You need more flour.
    5) my favorite part of the picture is you, using a knife in mid air, in a bowl. I caption that as, “Okay, Girl, this is how you safely use a knife. Hold it away from your body, up in the air like this. . . in a bowl.”

    • 1)She outgrew her apron
      2)JB bought me a Williams Sonoma apron once upon a time. It matched our kitchen.
      3)I am confident in saying that you have no authority over who is in the feminist club, so don’t think I am kicked out. Until I hear from Gloria Steinem, I am still in.
      4)We had plenty of flour, smartass.
      5)To explain what was going on in the picture would take too long. Just trust me.

      Thanks for the comments!

  6. Did I overlook the wine glass or was it well hidden when the photos were taken?

  7. Ann Vega-Raatz on said:

    I am behind reading the blog. Loving it! And only you my sistah could use “neophyte” in your blog!!!

  8. Nice post. It came up in my reader last week.

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