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It’s good to be a ‘Sconnie..

There is a fresh blanket of snow outside.  The UW Badgers are Rose Bowl bound.  The Green Bay Packers are 12-0.  I just saw the delightful new Muppet Movie.  It is great to be from Wisconsin right now.  OKay, I know the Muppets have nothing to do with Wisconsin, but I love the Muppets, its my blog and I just saw the movie.  Where was I again?  Oh, yeah, its great to be a ‘Sconnie.  Except I am in Canada.  Could someone please cue the Beer Barrel Polka?

This weekend we started with the usual provisions for a Badger football game, Usinger Brats cooked in Old Milwaukee, kraut, baked beans and beer.  Add some neighbors and we had a little party.  Our neighbors are from the UK, so some of the game had to be explained, (why is the clock stopping with a first down?  why can’t you hit the punter? why do you have a stock certificate from the Green Bay Packers?), and we had a great time teaching our British friends the way of the Wisconsin tailgate.  They took to it like old pros, and we shared many stories of football games, both American and British style.  At one point, our friend said, “You Americans DO know how to do college properly.”  This made me laugh, especially because she has such a strong British accent. 

Weekends like this make me appreciate all that is home.  Warm fires, snow, football, kids running wild all over the place (inside and out) and the UW Varsity Band.  I could practically hear our former neighbors (and UW Alums) cheering with every WI score.  I may be a time zone and a country away, but I am in a Wisconsin state of mind. 

U. Rah. Rah. Wisconsin.


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2 thoughts on “It’s good to be a ‘Sconnie..

  1. Jill Lamb on said:

    Varsity…Varsity…Miss you Berger! Merry Christmas and send us Sconnie’s some snow!

  2. kbedalov on said:

    Both games were a little stressfully. Luke could not stay awake for the Badger game but when he woke up at 6:20 AM for church his first question was “Did the Badgers win?”

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