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Veterans Day Thank You

This week at school each if the kids were given a poppy to wear to honor those Veterans that fought for freedom in Canada and the United States.  We have talked quite a bit over the last few days about the people in our family that have served in various branches of the military at different times.

Today, at 11:00am, we will take pause, as requested by their school, to say a small prayer of thanks for those that have served and for those that continue to serve today.  It is because of these brave men and women that we live in a free country and are citizens of a free country. 

What does freedom mean?  To me, it means in part that I can say four simple words in public, “I do not agree.”  In the United States and Canada, we can say these words to each other about our ideas and about the policies of the government without fear of persecution.  We can show our disagreement by occupying public areas peacefully, speaking about new or different ideas about how things should be done, and we essentially overthrow the government every four years through voting in elections.  Imagine if those in Libya, China or Iraq or other places in the world where demonstrations have erupted recently could do these things which we take for granted. 

Today we will thank those that have fought so that we voice our agreement or dissention freely and openly.  For me, I would like to thank Carrie, a college friend, who comes from a family of those that serve in the Army.  I would like to thank Mike, a former coworker, that awaited orders while supporting his family and working in the office during the second conflict in the Gulf.  I would like to thank Mr. Johnson, my high school civics teacher who taught us that the Coast Guard is also an important part of the national defense.  (By the way, the Coast Guard is based in New London, CT, 06320, and no, I did not have to look that up.)  For all those that have served in our military during peace time and war time, my children and I are thankful. 

Our political ideas aside, today is a day to honor those that have made it their mission to protect all of us.  Whether you agree or not, the fact that we can debate issues in public, on facebook and twitter, blog about our own point of view, write a letter to the editor, or simply complain about foreign policy with the neighbor, is due to their service.

Thank you.


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One thought on “Veterans Day Thank You

  1. blogginglily on said:

    Your school asked you to …to….pray?? You’re not in Kansas anymore….

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