The American Calgarian

Tales of a Midwesterner transplanted in Western Canada

To the “Heart of the New West”…

It started like this…  “Would you be willing to look at relocating to Calgary?  There is a company there that may have an interesting job  for me.”  My reply, “Where is Calgary?  Weren’t the Olympic Games there once?  Yes, I guess so.  Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?  Just talk to the recruiter.”

People told us this all happened so fast, though I disagree.  JB, my husband, was contacted by a friend about an intriguing job in Calgary.  After several skype conversations, with each one ending with JB saying to me, “this sounds like it could be really great.  Are you sure you want me to keep moving forward with this?”  And my reply was always, “Of course!  What’s the worst that can happen?  We move to Canada?”  When the time came for us to show up here in person for him to interview, I was reeling.  We had not really told anyone that we were considering this move and talked about it in very abstract terms.  After spending a long weekend in Calgary, however, I told JB that I was confident our family could be happy here.

So we switched it into 5th gear and within a few months we were on our way to the “Heart of the New West”.  I hope that you enjoy our family’s tales of life in Canada.  I plan to write about my life, my children and husband, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.


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4 thoughts on “To the “Heart of the New West”…

  1. Since when is Canada the new West?

  2. Carrie Hoza on said:

    Okay … following up w/ my other post … um, I thought you were on a family vacation at first!! Crazy how quickly life and locations change!! Best of luck in this new chapter!!

  3. shannonkrause on said:

    This is going to be interesting, folks…

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